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This section is designed to allow the public to learn more about the Smyrna Police Department, each specific unit, it’s functions, and the history of the department. Please click on the below links to learn more. The Smyrna Police Department is committed to preserving the welfare and safety of the residents of Smyrna. The department is a full-service agency that is equipped with the newest in law enforcement technology.

On March 14, 1845 Smyrna’s commissioners conformed to legislative mandate by hiring constables for the town. Ten men were appointed to that office. Benjamin Enos, Thomas Hawkins, Samuel C. Shaw, John Mitchell, William Keys, Joseph Stayton, Robert Trustom, Isaac Davis, Isaac M. Sparks and Robert Faries were... read more

Click above to learn about our past chiefs at the Smyrna Police Department.

The Smyrna Police Department Patrol Division consists of two platoons with 2 squads of officers assigned to each platoon (4 squads total). Often called the “backbone of the police department”, the Patrol Division provides 24 hours of police services to the community... read more

The Special investigations Unit (SIU) of the Smyrna Police Department investigates all major crimes that occur within the Town of Smyrna. Currently the unit is comprised of two detectives led by a sergeant. In addition to the criminal detectives the unit also encompasses the two School Resource Officers.

The purpose of the Swat Team is to support the Smyrna Police Department with a tactical response to critical events and other specialized assignments within the Town of Smyrna. Swat Team duties include, but are not limited to... read more

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program is a partnership between the Smyrna Police Department and the Smyrna School District. Two officers are currently assigned to this unit, one fully assigned to the Smyrna High School and the other is responsible for... read more

The Community Policing Unit consists of one officer. This officer meets with apartment managers, neighborhood watch groups and other civic associations. They organize and implement community outreach programs... read more

Officers are encouraged to be well rounded and consistently attempt to exceed the duty requirements of his/her position. Officers whom exemplify the virtues of professionalism, dedication, and community service will be recognized... read more

This page contains a description of a convicted sex offender who resides, or is employed in the Town of Smyrna. This information is provided in compliance with legislation which is commonly referred to as, “Megan’s Law”... read more

The Smyrna Police Department is committed to maintaining the highest levels of transparency and connection with the citizens we serve.  In furtherance of this commitment, the SPD routinely issues news releases... read more

Here you will find resources for victims and their families, and contact information for the department's victim services unit.

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