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Past Officers of the Year

Officers are encouraged to be well rounded and consistently attempt to exceed the duty requirements of his/her position. Officers whom exemplify the virtues of professionalism, dedication, and community service will be recognized. It is the policy of the Smyrna Police Department to provide incentives for its employees to encourage them to perform above and beyond what would be considered average.

1999- Brian C. Hill

2000-Norman E. Wood, Jr.

2001-Howard Fortner

2002-Billy J. Eastridge, Jr.

2005-Joseph F. Schlimer

2006-Jon Andrews

2007-Torrie M. James

2008-David J. Walton

2009-Garr D. Owens

2010-Brandon L. Dunning

2011-Kirk Ruquet

2012-Kevin Fox

2013-Richard E. Cooper

2014-Steven Howey-Newcomb

2015-Michael Carrigan

2016- Joshua “Tate” Coulbourne

2017- Kevin Fox

2018- Bill Davis

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