Patrol Division

The Smyrna Police Department Patrol Division consists of two platoons with 2 squads of officers assigned to each platoon (4 squads total). Often called the “backbone of the police department”, the Patrol Division provides 24 hours of police services to the community everyday of the year. Patrol officers protect and serve the citizens of the Town of Smyrna. They are the first responders to motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, criminal complaints and calls for assistance. Each Patrol Squad is supervised by a Sergeant who in turn reports to the Patrol Lieutenant. Currently, the patrol division falls under the supervision of Lieutenant David Walton.

Patrol Commander: Lt. David Walton

Platoon A/Squad 1
Sgt. Brandon Dunning (Supervisor)
Pfc. Evans Leighty
Ptlm. James Doughtery
Sgt. Brien Street (mid shift)


Platoon A/Squad 2
Sgt. Steven Howey-Newcomb (Supervisor)
Pfc. Jason Baker
Ptlm. Eric Bannon

Ptlm. William Evans


Platoon B/Squad 3
Sgt. Kirk Ruquet (Supervisor)

Pfc. Matthew Sarkissian

Pfc. Matthew Tull (mid shift)
Ptlm. Dylan Keller


Platoon B/Squad 4
Cpl. William Davis (Supervisor)
Ptlm. Jacob Hosfelt
Ptlm. Miles Little

Recruit Officers in training
Marybeth Barlow
Aaron Sarkissian

Cameron Nash
Brooke Tucker
Ian Mcardle