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Selection Process Outline

1. Applicant submits a formal application.

2. Applicant is notified in writing of physical agility test date/time/location as well as content of the test.

3. The written test (physical agility is required) is conducted.

4. The applicant is notified in writing of pass/fail status.

5. Applicants who successfully pass the test(s) are notified in writing of the date/time/location of the initial oral board examination.

6. An initial oral board is conducted.

7. Applicants are notified of pass/fail status of the oral board examination.

8. Applicants chosen by oral board panel will be asked to complete a personal history statement in preparation for the background investigation.

9. Following the background investigation, successful candidates are notified in writing of date/time/location of follow-up oral board if one is conducted.

10. The follow-up oral board examination (if used) is conducted.

11. Applicants are notified of pass/fail status of follow-up oral board.

12. The oral board panel will provide the Chief of Police with a rank ordered list of those applicants who successfully pass the follow-up oral board examination.

13. The Chief of Police will conduct interviews and make the final selection followed by a conditional offer of employment to his/her selection(s). Employment will be contingent upon individual(s) passing the physical examination, psychological examination and polygraph examination (if used).

14. The entire selection process takes approximately 60 days after the deadline for submission of applications.

15. Individuals not selected may reapply at any time that a vacancy is advertised.


*Note –certified police applicants may be fast-tracked through the selection process at the discretion of the Chief of Police if only certified police applications are being accepted.


*Note – a copy of the Smyrna Police Department policy regarding recruitment and selection is available to applicants upon request.

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