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Smyrna Police make arrests after months-long stolen mail investigation.

David Rodriguez, 25

Anthony Bray, 33

Smyrna Police detectives have arrested two men after conducting a several months-long investigation into stolen checks, credit cards and debit cards from the mail. This investigation was aided by the U.S. Postal Inspector’s Office of the Inspector General and the Dover Police Department. Detectives were able to determine that David Rodriguez, 25, of Smyrna, who was employed by the U.S. Postal Service, was stealing checks and other banking cards from the mail. Some of these checks were then altered and cashed. The banking cards were used to make purchases and withdrawals. Detectives were also able to link Anthony Bray, 33, of Dover to the scheme.

On Tuesday, 8/15/2023, SPD detectives executed a search warrant on Mr. Rodriguez’s home in the 800 block of Providence Dr. He was taken into custody without incident and numerous pieces of stolen mail as well as drugs and weapons were located inside of the home. Mr. Bray was taken into custody during the execution of a search warrant by the Dover Police Department in relation to a drug dealing investigation. Detectives charged the men with the following:

David Rodriguez- Possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

9 counts of Identity Theft.

Possession with intent to Deliver.

2 counts of Possession of deadly weapon by a person prohibited.


3 counts of theft where victim is 62 or older

92 counts of theft

10 counts of selling stolen property

9 counts of unlawful use of a credit card

3 counts of Endangering the welfare of a child

Possession of a controlled substance

Possession of drug paraphernalia

Official Misconduct

He was issued a $30,702 secured bond and committed to the DOC in lieu of a future hearing.

Anthony Bray- 9 counts of Identity Theft


Criminal Impersonation

9 counts of Unlawful use of Payment Card

83 counts of receiving stolen property.

He was given a $31,900 unsecured bond but remains held by DOC on other charges.

Smyrna Police urge anyone who believes they may be a victim in this scheme to contact us. We also remind all users of the postal system that they can participate for free in USPS’ “informed delivery” program to help prevent theft. For more information, visit

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18 de ago. de 2023

Much Appreciated for dealing with this. IF ONLY the Smyrna post office would react when you call them to inform them of missing items such as credit cards in the mail. I have had 2 missing in the last 6 months, both called in and response " we will look into it and get back to you, it should have been delivered" Then nothing.

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