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Application Announcement: Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant

On June 30th, the US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, released the approved funding allocations for the annual formula based Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program for the FY23 Local Solicitation. The Dover Police Department was listed as a disparate entity along with the Smyrna Police Department and Kent County, Delaware. The total amount awarded this year is $85,945.

As a result, the Dover Police Department, Smyrna Police Department and Kent County will submit a joint application for the funds. Kent County does not qualify for direct funding because they are not involved with providing criminal justice services, so the whole amount will be available for use by the Dover and Smyrna Police Departments.

Following is a breakout of the funding and how each agency will use their portion:



Dover Police Department- Special Operations Response Team Training & Equipment


Smyrna Police Department- License Plate Reader System


Grand Total


The deadline for the joint application is August 31st and will be submitted through the US Department of Justice on-line grants management system (JUSTGrants).

Public comments and questions are welcome.

Please e-mail: for comments and questions.

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